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The UNIMAR Cabin Automation Solution is a modular solution, designed for different types of vessels, such as cruise vessels, ferries, service vessels, super-yachts, etc. to provide comfort, innovative management, and efficient use of energy.

The central task is managing the heating system, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, curtains & more. Because of its expandability, the solution can be enhanced with additional functionality tailored to meet the specific needs and lot of various designs of individual projects.

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UNIMAR contains integrated modular products for HVAC management, lighting, curtains & more. 

Energy Saving
Energy Saving

Significantly reduce energy consumption. This solution is represented by our UNIMAR Cabin Automation Solution.

Coral gen 2

Discover the power of convenience with our new control panel, Coral gen 2! Designed to enhance your guest experience, this innovative system allows you to effortlessly manage various functions right from your fingertips.

UNIapp  Supervision
UNIapp Supervision

UNIapp Cabins Supervision offers the possibility of remote control, management and optimization of HVAC operation, as well as lighting and other systems inside the cabins.

Turnkey solution

The UNIMAR solution is intended for installation in the passenger cabin. It consists of integrated modular electronic devices and software at different levels.

Greater energy efficiency

Lower costs

Faster installation


Higher comfort and better user experience

It allows managers a more innovative way of management, better operation and greater energy efficiency and a consequent reduction of operating costs. Installation is speeded up during construction. It provides guests with greater comfort and a more user-friendly experience, based on the location information that this system will provide.


UNIMAR lacks a solution that can effectively compete in the global marketplace. Due to its unified and innovative features, the solution represents a significant improvement and advantage compared to the competition.

The project Smart Cabin Solution for managing (ship cabins) is marketed under the name UNIMAR. The product was developed within the project "Development of a smart solution for the management of ship cabins" - Smart Cabin Solution, which was co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.


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